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Professional Cost Reduction Services

The major objective of our professional cost reduction services is to introduce international best practices to help clients to improve their bottom line and increase profit.

Every organization would like to see its cost at the lowest level. However, limited internal resources usually shift their focus to the sales/revenue generation area, whereas lower priority is given to the operational/administrative area and leave their operations/process running at a higher cost than competitors. Problems often are lack of time, expertise, and skills to review and control the costs leading to unnecessary steps/procedures, waste, rework, and delay.

Cost-Pro Group would find out the root of problems and make use of the best appropriate practices/cost reduction model, to guide clients through understanding the causes, removing the barriers, lowering the cost levels, and incorporating the new practices.

Cost Reduction Programme Selection

As cost reduction is a change as well as an investment program (resources invested have to balance out results to avoid losses), our first preference would be a contingency based system with no financial risk to our clients.

For example, we introduce self-finance cost reduction service for overhead expenses, by sharing the tangible savings identified and achieved with clients. Our experience reveals that this approach normally creates the least resistance for change from client internal organization as the focus is on the third-party pay-outs. Through years of development, the program can bring your overhead costs significantly down without affecting the quality of service in these and many other areas:

- Telecommunications

- Cleaning

- Maintenance Contracts

- Courier and freight

- Computer Consumables

- Record management

- Property Management

- Insurance

- Travel and Accommodation

- Bank Fees

- Reprographics

- Printing

- Postage & Mailing

- Office Supplies

- Waste Management

- Advertising & Promotion

- Packaging

- Energy and Power

- Merchant Card Fees

- Industrial Consumables

Then, we would advise our clients to move on to other best practice programs. All Cost-Pro Group endorsed programs are summarised under the Solutions section.

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