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Found in 2001, the Cost-Pro Group source and evaluate global cost reduction programs/solutions and introduce the best practices to help clients to improve significantly their bottom-line results. With a deep understanding of how resistance could affect changes, the systems we selected usually require less red tape and face the least resistance to change or already have a mechanism built-in to deal with it. Result base system is one of our preference.

We also understand the importance of continuous improvement and therefore emphases knowledge transfer in our process in order to cultivate a changing culture for our clients to prepare them for more changes in the future.

Through review of strategic and non-strategic costs, we enable our clients to achieve significant saving results.


We create opportunities in turning cost into profit.


We fulfill our vision by:

  • Truly understanding our clients, their business, costs, and expenses.

  • Introducing and applying international cost reduction best practices.

  • Sharing our know-how with clients.

  • Continuously research and development.

  • Being profitable with sustainable growth.

  • Offering our people personal growth and a motivating place to work.

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