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Cost-Pro Group Endorsed Programmes

Expense Reduction

Regardless of business nature, operating expenses usually constitute a significant portion of expenditures. However, organizations usually are less focus or lack of expertise to manage these expenses especially non-strategic professionally. Through professional trim, Cost-Pro Group could achieve an average of 15-20% savings. This is a fast and effective program to make use of unique expertise and market intelligence to identify opportunities for savings.

Without the sacrifice of quality, Cost-Pro Group analyzes, evaluate, recommend, and most importantly implement the best cost-cutting practices for the expense categories. With extensive market knowledge and aggregated purchasing influence, we manage suppliers selection and negotiate the best market rate for clients. Once the real savings are identified, implementation will be monitored over an appropriated period to ensure the anticipated results are realized.

Total Cycle Time Reduction

Globalization creates opportunities but also competition. Organizations are driven by the market competition to deliver their product/service much faster (speed) and at better quality than before.

Total cycle time is the lead time from concept design to a product or service to satisfy customer needs. Through a structural approach to achieve a LEAN operation/process, Cost-Pro Group helps clients to eliminate the non-added value activities, shorten the production/service cycle time in result with lesser inventory/WIP, higher productivity, lower cost, and ultimately better bottom-line results.

The approach helps organizations overcome internal barriers to align the cross-functional process to achieve a high production value chain and realize hard cash improvements.


In the fast-changing and competitive market environment today, many organizations are making the decision to outsource. Through outsourcing, companies develop competitive strategies to gain benefit with the ability to purchase intellectual capital, to focus on core competencies, to better anticipate future costs and to lower costs. Overall outsourcing is viewed by many organizations as a strong business tactic that ultimately is a superior economical approach to developing products and services. The common consideration is to decide whether or what functions to outsource. Cost-Pro Group helps our clients to assess feasibility, selecting the best option, and most importantly to implement the solutions in a professional way:

  • Analyze and clarify core competencies

  • Develop strategies and identify functions fit for outsourcing

  • Examine the feasibilities and alternatives to match company needs

  • Select and negotiate the best market option fit for the company

  • Implement solutions and monitor the ongoing performance

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