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Cost Categories Cutting Tips

Office Supplies

Making use of on-line ordering platform with account reconciliation feature could help to reduce payment resources and errors.


a good print management system, which standardizes design, trims variety and supports bulk purchase, is necessary.

Cleaning and Waste Disposal

reviewing service specifications and contractor list regularly could reveal room for reduction.

Maintenance Contract

Reviewing all service plans in place, pay attention and negotiate the spare and consumable prices covered by the plans



Bank fees, merchant card fees etc can be re-negotiated


It might be cheaper to choose policies which are tailored to a local environment

Records Management

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Property Expenses

Adopting an open plan office design can result in flexibility for future changes



air-conditioning, power factor correction, lighting, heat recovery, tariff structure and through installation of energy management system

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