While staff is  always a major cost, there are many other cost categories, if trimmed professionally, can also create significant effects on bottom line. This book focus on overhead costs reduction.


Who should read this book?

Business owner, entrepreneur, CEO, CFO, senior management, HR manager, new business starter and probably everyone working on the business.


This book can also be a good training material for corporate knowledge management because we have been very well understanding that cost reduction process could have been highly effective when everyone got the same mindset in the corporation. 


How long it takes to finish reading this book?

This book has around 100 pages. The font size was set to be suitable reading on mobile and tablet.  You can easily finish reading  in 2-3 days. We do recommend you take notes during reading and more importantly, try to implement.


How can I get this book?

We only provide electronic copy for this book at the moment, therefore you will receive a link to download the e-copy after completed the online payment, then you can start reading immediately. The download link will also send to your email, therefore please make sure you provide a valid email address during checkout.


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Cost Reduction: Turn Cost Into Profit